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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Creation and Commission of Woman--Revisited (Gen. 2:18-25)

Creation and Commission of Woman--Revisited (Gen. 2:18-25)      

Summary: In the marriage covenant, a woman is to see herself as the glory of her husband and the man is to see his wife as a wonderful gift from God, a uniquely fit companion in the weighty and awesome work God has given them to do.  In the home, a man is given the primary responsibility to lead, protect, and provide for his wife and his wife is given an indispensable role of supporting her husband in their shared work of kingdom advancement. 

Main Point: God wants us to know that the work of filling the earth with his image is no small task
therefore he graciously provided a uniquely fit helper to assist the man.

Discussion Questions:
  • Why is it not good for man to be alone?
  • According to Gen. 2, what are the unique roles God has designed for men and women?
  • Is the term "helper" a degrading term? Why or why not?
  • What was the point of including the naming of animals in 2:19-20?
  • How should God's special creation of the woman in 2:20-23 shape the way that a wife views her relationship to her husband? 
  • What do we learn about God's original design for marriage in v.24?  How serious did Jesus take this truth in Matt. 19:3-9?  What can we learn from Jesus' view of marriage in our day?
  • How does a godly Christian marriage display the gospel? READ Ephesians 5:22-33
Application Questions:
  • What are the sweet gospel benefits of being the Bride of Christ?  How does Christ, our loving Husband, care for us as a church according to Ephesians 5:29-30? 
Prayer Points:
  • Praise God for sending his Son to lay down his life for his Bride, the Church.
  • Praise God for the godly woman at FBC who are such a gift to the church and so instrumental to the mission God has given to us to make more and maturing disciples
  • Pray that God would help the husbands from FBC to love their wives as Christ loved the church and for the wives to respect their husbands out of honor for Christ.