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Friday, August 5, 2016

Grieving the Loss of the Pals Family

Dear Brothers and Sisters of FBC,

Many of you have heard the heart-wrenching news regarding the Pals family.   For those who haven’t, just a few days ago, on July 31st, the Pals were driving to Colorado for their final training before heading off to the Japan as long-term missionaries when they were rear ended by a semi while stopped at a construction site.  The semi rode over them and caused their van to burst into flames, killing the whole family--Jamison (29), Kathryne (29), Ezra (almost 4), Violet (almost 2), and baby Calvin (2 months).  

These dear friends were just at FBC in April sharing their heart to bring the gospel to the unreached people people of Japan.  This news has pierced many hearts with grief.  Karin and I counted Jamison and Kathryne to be some of our dearest friends and we cannot begin to tell you the sadness we feel.  But, as with so many others, we grieve as those who have hope.  As Christ-followers, our hope is completely bound up in Jesus Christ.  So we lift our tear-filled eyes to the One who conquered the grave, realizing that death does not have the final word for those who have found refuge in Jesus Christ.  For the the Pals, to live was Christ and to die was gain (Phil. 1:21).  For the Pals, death was not a brick wall but a portal into the presence of Jesus.  

It is right to grieve, to mourn deeply this traumatic loss of life.  But let us grieve with hope.  And let us be inspired by the way the Pals allowed their hope in Jesus to define what they lived for.  They lived for the fame of Jesus and the everlasting joy of the Japanese people.  Please join me in lifting up the follow requests to our heavenly Father: 
1) Pray for comfort for all those who are grieving, especially Jamison and Kathryne’s family members.  
2) Pray for the fame of Christ to spread as more and more people learn about the life and death of the Pals family.  Pray especially that God would be glorified through the memorial worship service that will be held this Saturday (learn more here:  
3) Pray that God would be pleased to raise up, in the Pals' stead, 100 warrior families to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the Japanese people.  
Let's keep looking to the One who works out even the most heart-wrenching  for our good and His glory.

Sorrowful, yet always rejoicing,

Pastor Brandon

Ps. If you would like to learn more about the Pals family you can read the article posted at World Venture’s website at

Also, a fund for missions has been set up to in memory of the Pals and, should God stir your heart to give to such an effort, you may click on the following link: