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Thursday, September 28, 2017

In the Beginning, God (Gen. 1:1a)

OutlineIn the Beginning, God (Gen. 1:1a): 
God is eternal:

  • Implication #1: God never had a beginning
  • Implication #2: God is not bound by time
  • Implication #3:God is not dependent on his creation
  • Conclusion question:  What was God doing before he created?
Summary: Before launching into the details of the creation account in Genesis 1, we linger to consider the massive assumption contained in the first four words of the Bible--God is eternal! This implies that God never had a beginning and that he is not bound by time.  It also implies that God is not at all dependent on his creation.  In the conclusion of this message we ask a very focused question: what was God doing before he created? Scripture gives us beautiful glimpses into this sublime reality and these glimpses help us to see that God created in order to fold us into the glory and love and delight that he, as the triune God, has been enjoying from all eternity. 

Main Point:  The eternal God created in order to fold a people into his eternal joy.

Discussion Questions:
  • What is it important to consider the eternality of God?
  • Why is it significant that God never had a beginning and that he is not bound by time?
  • What windows does the Bible give us into what God was doing before he created? (Hint: read John 17:5, 24 and Eph. 1:3-10)
  • Read and discuss the salvation promise of John 3:16 in light of the eternality of God
Application Questions:
  • What comfort can I find from the fact that God is eternal and that, through faith in Christ, God's eternal arms are under me at every moment? 
  • How might a more regular focus on God's eternal greatness and his plans to fold me into his eternal love help to shape the way I respond to the trials and difficulties of this life?  
Prayer Points:
  • Praise God as the Everlasting God, our eternal Creator
  • Praise God for his glorious plan to fold us into his eternal joy by saving us through the sacrifice of his own dear Son.  
  • Confess ways in which you've "put God in a box," forgetting his greatness and how utterly dependent we are on him for life and breath and everything. 
  • Ask God to help us to keep his eternality in mind as we consider his work of creation and salvation from Genesis 1-3.